Lagunitas – Imperial Stout

Lagunitas IPA has just come out in the UK, and is now being stocked in Wetherspoon. What other beers do they do? See this weeks Reblog.

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Man, it’s been a few weeks, but PubDrafts is back reviewing a new beer! We hope that you enjoyed our last two posts. Give us some feedback if there’s anything you’d like to see reviewed!

I just cracked open a bomber of Lagunitas Brewing Company’s Imperial Stout. This is an unlimited release beer that I have never tried before. Talk about a great way to review something, right? The Imperial Stout comes in at a 9.9 percent ABV. I poured the beer into a pint glasses (a brand new one actually) so I could start the review process. Let’s start drinking!

Bottle Art:

I am a huge fan of Lagunitas Brewing Company and one thing that drew me to their beer, besides the taste of course, was the artwork on the bottles. It’s very simplistic. Big fonts are used and there’s a cute little dog on the bottle too that says “Doggone…

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2 thoughts on “Lagunitas – Imperial Stout

  1. Personally, the Hop Stoopid, Imperial Red Ale, A Little Sumpin’ Extra! Ale and Lagunitas Sucks are all my favorites. If they’re available, the must be tried.


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