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Pale Ale – Danish: Mikkeller Drink’in The Sun

 A few people have complained lately that there’s never a good beer to drink when they’re driving – so this week’s beer is a tasty Wheat Pale Ale by Mikkeller that you can drink more than one of easily and drive okay after.

Let’s start with Mikkeller’s description of the brew:

This beer is so fresh and tasty, we recommend you take it for a DRIVE! Besides the usual ingredietns, we added real sunshine. Cheers!

I’m liking the description for this one as it clearly states that it’s a beer for drivers at 0.3% and although Mikkel says that real sunshine is added – I’m not so sure but I wouldn’t be surprised knowing him!

Let’s start with the ingredients for this one, I think Belgian Wheat and Pale Malt have been used. As for the hops, it’s Centennial and Cascade. It’s then fermented with Belgian brewery D’Proef’s house yeast, once in Primary and then in secondary in the bottle.

Moving on, the beer pours a hazy Straw colour. You can either pour it lightly or pour it normally depending on how much yeast you like in the brew. It’s got a great head with good retention, leaving dotty lacing on the sides of the glass as it subsides. On the nose we have lots of Lemon Zest, Wheat and a slight Cracker aroma. It smells a lot better than a lot of the Low Alcohol brews! On the palate you have a little bit of the expected Cracker and flour notes as its a low alcohol brew but then some real flavour kicks in. Grapefruit Juice, Lemon Zest and Honey backed up with a nice wheaty backbone. Definitely better than a Becks Blue! The beer has Medium to High carbonation and finishes quite dry. I think Mikkeller have done really well with this seeing as it’s only 0.3% and seriously recommend this one to all drivers or people that just don’t fancy a heavy beer (or a water break).

You can purchase Drink’in The Sun at the Brewdog Store. It says it’s 1.4% but don’t worry – it’s a typo.

EST. CALORIES: 8   ABV: 0.26%