8 Ball rye IPA by Beavertown

Great local brew!

Mind Jots and Brain Crumbs


The beer is Beavertown’s ‘8 ball’ rye IPA. Son of the Led Zeppelin frontman, Logan Plant is more importantly founder of this newish Hackney based brewery. The brewery feels very much like a project with its heavily brand-conscious and seemingly rootless style; This is a man who thought, ‘Hell, I want to have a brewery, and I want it to be cool.’ And it was. Kudos to him, he’s good at what he does. Touring the States with his 70’s style psychedelic band he discovered beer in a barbecue joint, experienced that sacred American harmony. “The romance of a brewery, a brewer, of good times” appealed to him and he started up Duke’s BBQ in Beauvoir Town. The beer wing soon expanded, the name came from the location and the all-seeing eye from Plant’s masonic reading material at the time of his logo-search. With their self-acclaimed American influences they remind me…

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