Beer: Euston Tap and Siren Craft Brew’s Soundwave IPA

Good piece on Siren’s Soundwave IPA and the good old Euston Tap!

Dap and Drink

The Euston Tap was at the top of my list for craft beer, as our very own Sheffield Tap has just been very newly named one of the top 10 brew pubs in Europe, according to the Guardian. I was also recommended it by Sam of Good Beer on Friday,  so I was sure I should try it out.

As I arrived in Euston I was unsure of its exact whereabouts so I exited the station and had a little walkabout and approached a building set back from the road, a little tall and a little out of place. I later learnt that it’s a Grade II listed Portland Stone Lodge, an original part of the station. 

It’s small inside, dingy, but the best kind of pub dingy. A number of cask and keg ales were available from the menu, and a huge variety of bottles were stacked in the…

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